' Paradocx Vineyard - FAQ



Why are you shooting off cannons?  Will the canons hurt the birds, deer, and other wildlife?


When veraison begins the air cannons become necessary to protect the grapes.  Versaison is when the grapes begin to ripen and the birds just can not resist!  The air cannons are needed at the beginning of veraison through harvest. 

As we begin to harvest, we will be able to reduce the number of air cannons.  Air cannons "shoot" air so there is no risk to the wildlife on the farm.  It is the noise that deters the birds from dining in the vines.  


When will I receive my tickets?

Thank you for purchasing tickets!  We do not offer a physical ticket.  Your name and number of tickets purchased will be on a guest list.  You will check in at the gate/door/bar upon arrival.  Your email is your receipt.


Are dogs welcome?

All service animals are welcome at the winery.  Every service animal must have the appropiate vest or the appropiate paperwork.  We respectively ask that you leave your furry friends at home.  


Can I bring my own food?

We are no longer able to permit outside food.  We have a wonderful locally inspired menu.  


Can I bring my own cooler?

Coolers are not permitted.  We offer award winning Paradocx Wine, PA Craft Beer, PA Craft Cider, and PA Distilled Spirits.  Having outside alcohol on the premise can result in the loss of our license. 


Do you host events?

We love to host your parties, celebrations, weddings, corporate gatherings, etc.  Please contact events@paradocx.com for more information.